Our Vision

Within the community that we live, there are people struggling with the pressures of life whether this is a crisis or something more long term. Whether individuals or families there is a story behind every door.

This is true in every village and town in the country.


To support churches and communities to reach out to people in a way that will help them, whatever each individual’s situation or challenges in their life, acknowledging that especially during this time of lockdown and the restrictions that have been imposed everyone has been impacted in some way.

Our Mission


To respond to practical and emotional needs of those in the local community, whatever their background or beliefs, by providing care, help and support.


These take place within the context of building loving relationships and doing loving actions, thus breaking down barriers and prejudice.

Our Story

Green Door Families was launched as a Christian charity, working in partnership with churches to make connections with individuals and families.

 Green Door Families is still in its infancy having registered as a charity in February 2018.  However, we share years of experience through our trustees and community connectors. Already we are experiencing interest from outside agencies and take regular enquiries for support for individuals and families struggling with the demands that life places upon them. We currently receive requests for support from all  agencies.  These requests are wide ranging in their requirement and the type of support that is needed.  We are not a specialist intervention but a voluntary befriending service providing whatever practical and/or emotional support identified as needed by the individual/family.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Very many thanks to all you lovely people for supplying these beautiful meals, much appreciated”

“To all the team at the Baptist Church, thank you for your help and support in these difficult times”

“Thanks for all that you have done for us”